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A CRM Dashboard

Total Relationship Management

Every touchpoint, every department...BOLT CRM is built around your workflows.

Total Relationship Management goes beyond managing your sales efforts to provide a hub for all internal and external customer-centric communication.

Starting with smart, foundational features, BOLT CRM provides modern companies a better way to manage relationships across their organization through rapid customization.

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We used Salesforce for over a year and didn’t feel we were getting great value. Along with significant cost-savings, BOLT has given us a more feature-rich solution with an interface our sales team prefers.

Jamie Moyle, CEO @ Keyolo

Get To Know BOLT CRM

Introducing your new solution for cross-organizational relationship management.

Contact Enrichment

Tap into your contact’s social profiles to know more about who you’re speaking with and create a new lead just by entering an email address!

Built in phone & SMS

For a CRM to truly be a hub for relationship management, it is vital that all communications take place within the CRM. BOLT CRM provides each user phone and text capabilities direct from the contact interface. Records calls, ensures reps properly document each call, and provide sales coaching.

Full life cycle

From prospect to lifetime customer, from pre-sale to fulfillment, BOLT has you covered.

"What's next" task management

Relationships are only as good as your follow-through. When one task closes, BOLT CRM prompts users to schedule what’s next to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Mobile, Because You Are

Today’s workforces aren’t tied to a desk, your CRM shouldn’t be either! Our state of the art mobile app gives CRM users everything they need to manage and perform tasks in the palm of their hands.

Automatic email and calendar syncing

Copy/paste is a thing of the past. Sync your G-Suite and Outlook to keep track of email communications, manage your schedule, and even create a new contact simply by sending an email.

Control your data with private cloud hosting and custom role management.

With BOLT CRM, your data will always be securely hosted on a private cloud server. Knowing your data is safe allows you to focus on providing the best possible service.


UX vs. UI: What’s the Difference?


UX vs. UI: What’s the Difference?

Are you ready for a tailored CRM experience?

Bolt CRM is powered by Ventive.  We work with you to create tailored experiences based on your organization's needs. From setup, to integration, and support, we will support your team at every step to ensure your success.

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