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Director of UX/UI Design

Andrew Van Hook

Andrew has been helping global brands build better user experiences for 15 years. He launched the American Express Blue Sky, IN:NYC. and IN:LA credit cards to a new generation of customers.  He’s worked on the Sony and Adidas online stores, helped Nike ID imagine their first mobile app, and created a digital ecosystem for Activision's flagship, Call of Duty. He's also taken on some big UX challenges, like designing the in-car experience for Chrysler's Uconnect platform and re-designing SolarCity's mobile app.

At Ventive, Andrew and the design team are currently building an enterprise platform for a successful real estate company with a unique service design model. They're also re-imagining the home buying experience for customers and agents in a mobile connected world. 

Ventive Design is implementing new ideas to prototype and test even more rapidly, enabling Ventive clients to innovate faster and smarter, and Ventive's project management tool is an ever-evolving software product that the design and development teams are testing and optimizing daily.


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