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Technical Project Manager
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A recent Boise State University graduate, Braden’s transition from intern to technical assistant at Ventive just made sense. As the president of the Dev Club at BSU, Braden gained great experience organizing dev challenges and gently harassing other students to show up and participate. That makes him the perfect persistent assistant to keep the office on top of the final leg of projects. 

Braden programs in C# with Unity, C++ with Unreal, and Gamemaker Studio with GML language. He studied Games Interactive Media and Mobile Technology (GIMM), a new art and game-focused major at BSU. His side projects revolve around game design, and he’s learning Python. For fun, he’s doing what he loves at his day job and in his spare time, and they just happen to be the same thing. 

But he’s not just a braniac. He also has a black belt in Taekwondo, and he’s planning epic country-hopping trips with friends.

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