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Product Owner & UX Designer
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After redesigning a local government entity’s website, newsletter, pamphlets, safety programs, and various marketing projects, Chanée realized that she couldn’t get enough of the design process. Switching to UX design was a chance to do more of what she loved, so she went back to school to retrain. With her extensive experience in administration, analytics, and discovery, hiring her as a Ventive Product Owner/UX Designer was an easy decision. 

Chanée loves the camaraderie, pace of work, and fun vibe inside the Boise office. In her off-hours, she enjoys biking up to Lucky Peak, getting together with friends for drinks, or packing for her next backpacking trip. A Texas native, Chanée has traveled all over the world, and after a few years, she realized that she wanted to put down permanent roots in Idaho. She loves everything about Boise: the Foothills, floating the Boise River in the summer, the big city/small town vibe, and being a short road trip away from bigger cities.

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