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Derrick Wood

Derrick joined Ventive because he was intrigued by the fast-paced environment and the chance to work with other start-ups that are trying to change the world. He loves learning anything about blockchain, crypto, and the metaverse. He also plays a variety of instruments and explores different musical genres in his free time. 

Trained as a full-stack developer by Codeworks, Derrick worked in software QA and discovered that what he really loved was combining business requirements and user experience. He loves taking a user problem and working backward to solve it. In his free time, he taught himself UX design with tutorials and Skillshare courses so that he could bridge the gap between his full-stack skills and design work. With full-stack experience and a passion for design thinking, Derrick is that mythical creature whispered about in online forums: a UX Unicorn. His unique perspective from both sides of product development makes him an exciting addition to the Ventive team.


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