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UX/UI Designer

Jason Nguyen

Jason Nguyen began his career as a front-end web developer, improving his skills at BoiseCodeWorks, a local developer boot camp in Boise, Idaho. Jason also acquired skills in UX/UI design and learned about their ever-important role in website and software application development.

Upon graduation, the BoiseCodeWorks CEO personally employed Jason to help teach and assist the next group of students going through the program and tasked Jason with redesigning the BoiseCodeWorks website.

In his role as a UX/UI Designer and Project Manager at Ventive, Jason brings a unique eye and contemporary design ideas to the table. He strives for customer satisfaction and putting together quality, user-centric digital solutions.

During his time away from the computer, Jason enjoys trying new food, going on road trips, and world travel. He is passionate about landscape photography and finds Idaho to to be the perfect place to live and work.


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