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Senior Product Owner / UX

Joe Mausling

An Idaho native, Joe was born and raised in the Boise area. He went to college at the University of Idaho to study Virtual Technology & Design. He then moved to Chicago to get a taste of the city life, but soon realized that Idaho was where his heart was. He has been working in the Customer Service industry since he was 16, and has a deep passion for providing excellent service. 

Joe enjoys learning, and often tinkers with technology in his spare time. In an alternative universe Joe would have been a professional student, learning about as many things as possible to fulfill his endless curiosities. He strives to be a master of all trades, but master of none. Joe has worked on many high profile projects, most notably the Broadsoft website, which quickly became an award-winning product. Joe played a key role in researching and designing the UC-One client, which was instrumental to Cisco‚Äôs decision to acquire Broadsoft for nearly $2b in 2017. Joe has delivered many other world class products including for TitleOne,, and AvantGarde Partners.


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