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Youssel Abreu

Youssel moved to Boise, ID back in 2014 from the Dominican Republic and he is currently the Director of Development and practice lead for the .Net/Azure stack at Ventive.

He began coding back in high school using Turbo Pascal as his primary programming language, then switched to Delphi. Once in college, he began developing code in MS Access, Visual Basic 6 and ASP (now Classic ASP) for the web, and created his first web-based POS and inventory management system back in 1999. Since then he’s been working on web-based projects in Classic ASP and PHP and was one of the early adopters of .NET when it first came out. Prior to He’s been involved in different projects from Custom CMS to Broadcast industry by creating real-time graphics for the Dominican Republic presidential elections, sports, adding real-time social media feeds on Live TV for various TV Shows and events, and automating a whole news production company’s process; from the writing and editing of stories and reports to final broadcast.


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