A Vision Brought to Lyght

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September 10, 2020
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A Vision Brought to Lyght

Ventive knows a thing or two about taking a vision from concept to reality. Every day, we help companies navigate the product development process and successfully sustain growth in their business. We’ve helped clients raise tens of millions in angel and venture funding, as well as exits exceeding $2B in enterprise value.

So why not bring our OWN vision to Lyght?

Alongside all of our success designing, developing, and marketing software with our clients, we’ve been working hard in the background on our own project called “Lyght.” This past week marked the official launch of our Closed Beta with a handful of companies looking to Make Work Simple!

Lyght is a new kind of team collaboration tool designed to make work flow. From organizing clients, projects, and tasks to building reports on the work that’s been done, Lyght has redesigned team collaboration to empower innovation.

We are very excited to bring this vision to Lyght and would like to recognize the accomplishments of the team for onboarding the first companies to the platform!

History of Lyght

Lyght is the third iteration of a tool that Ventive had originally built to solve some of our own problems related to team collaboration, project management, and time tracking. At first, we were using a variety of tools like Jira, Toggl, Trello, and Slack, until ultimately we decided to build our own software that functioned the way WE work without having to jump between different applications.

Out of darkness comes Lyght

After doing some additional market research, we found that there are many other companies across different industries looking for a similar tool that is lightweight and easy to use, yet robust enough to work with their own business processes.

This is why we built Lyght.

Bringing the Vision to Lyght

The team has worked hard over the last year to bring this vision to Lyght and this past week, we officially onboarded a group of companies to our Closed Beta! Over the next few months, we will be working closely with these companies in order to learn more about the unique needs of their industries so that we can continue to improve on the foundational pieces that will help more teams collaborate successfully in the future.

The Lyght Ahead

With our Closed Beta in progress, we plan to iterate on the foundational pieces that will make collaborating on Lyght unique in preparation for a public release. We will continue to release news and information as we kick off our marketing efforts over the coming months. In the meantime, you can learn more about our product and schedule a time for a demo here:

Click here to schedule a demo

Our Guiding Lyght

Our vision for Lyght is underway, but there is still a lot to look out for in the future! We are only just beginning to scratch the surface with the tools we plan to provide to help companies take their ideas from concept to reality. We plan to continue to grow in ways that will meet the needs of all teams within a business from marketing to sales, all the way through to finance and operations.

We are extremely excited to bring Lyght to the market so that we can continue to fulfill Ventive’s vision statement:

empower to innovate, innovate to empower

If you're interested, check out www.getlyght.com.

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