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Since 2014, Ventive innovatively harnesses the power of technology to develop cutting-edge web and mobile applications that transform businesses and industries. Our talented team builds with technologies that make your magic happen.

What is Cloud?

By utilizing a subscription-based cloud service, businesses can adopt new technology without laying out cash for capital expenditures.
Amazon web services
Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Computer
Google Cloud Compute
Large and small companies alike can access the same kind of technology, but at a price they can afford. Decrease your tech debt by outsourcing large parts of your IT budget to virtual cloud networks.
Data Security
Security updates in minutes, not days, meaning your data is more protected than ever before from cyber criminals.
Real-time Collaboration
Remote teams can work synchronously, enhancing teamwork and increasing product deliverability.
Project Scalability
Pay for as much or as little storage as your company requires, scaling up or down based on current needs.

What is Web3?

The next stage of the internet utilizes blockchain technology and decentralization. Businesses poised to take advantage of Web3 need to prepare for a shift in how their customers will interact with them.
Dive into Web3
nft and ft
Work with an experienced blockchain development company that understands the difference between fads and the technology that will revolutionize industries. Web3 is the next iteration of the internet—is your business ready?
Smart Contracts
Automatically execute logic-based contracts that remove the middleman and reduce paper processes.
Immutable Ledgers
Guarantee data integrity with unalterable records that are stored in decentralized locations.
Fintech Innovations
True peer-to-peer networks are finally possible in the Web3 world. Find ways to capitalize on the new technology.

iOS or Android?

Having a mobile-friendly web presence is a huge part of serving customers. U.S. adults spend 88% their mobile time on apps, and companies with easy-to-use apps are more likely to keep their users.
Native Mobile Apps
Native Mobile Apps
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Hybrid Mobile Apps
99% of all smartphones use either iOS or Android operating systems, and users are fiercely brand loyal. We help you develop an app that keeps the demographics of your users in mind—and increases the stickiness of your app.
Custom Development
With our nearshore development team, we can develop apps in any language a project demands.
Expand mobile app usability by developing integrations that send data wherever you need to access it.
Maintenance & Support
Continue to deploy new app features with confidence. Our team supports your app as your user base grows.
Big Data

What is Big Data?

Store, curate, and understand large datasets so your business can innovate. Build a flexible big data solution with long-term sustainability that lets you scale up or down.
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Elastic Storage
a blue and white circle with a bitcoin in the center
Cloud Storage
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Data Lakes
Increase your data storage capacity so you can make better decisions. Big data removes the guesswork of what’s actually happening inside your industry and gives you highly accurate data that puts you ahead of trends.
Increased Sales
Improve customer acquisition and retention when you use big data to deliver what customers really want.
Data Structure
Don’t just collect data—develop the tools you need to crunch through datasets to find business insights.
Security & Accessibility
Store structured or unstructured data in a secure location that’s easy to access from anywhere in the world.
Artificial intelligence

What is AI?

Through iterative processing and algorithmic training, companies that use AI take all of the benefits of human thought and produce reliable results at an exponential speed.
machine learning
Machine Learning
Deep Learning
Deep Learning
Solve complex problems or scenarios with more insights. AI provides fresh and relevant insights with every new piece of data—helping you make the right decisions so you can apply them in your business at the exact moment you need them.
Reduce Human Error
Improve accuracy and reduce  inaccurate records by removing your reliance on manual data entry.
Focus more on high-level tasks that add value to your business when you automate menial tasks.
Business Analytics
Sift through large volumes of data with algorithms that can spot trends faster than humans.
Business intelligence

What is BI?

Employees and stakeholders alike need accurate and reliable internal data to measure short- and long-term objectives.
Static Business Rules
Static Business Rules
Workflows & Process Improvements
Workflows & Process
Dashboards & Reports
Dashboards & Reports
Better business decisions start with better data. Companies that can see—at a glance—financial, operations, and sales information laid out in an easy-to-read dashboard can quickly improve profitability.
Going Digital
It’s time to automate your paper processes and collect the data your company needs to digitally transform.
Increase Productivity
Hidden bottlenecks in the workflow cost time and money. Identify and correct project delays by mapping out business processes.
Industry Benchmarking
Improve your company’s performance by finding and comparing best practices from similar industries.
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