CocaCola Invests $3M in Ventive Client PourMyBeer

PourMyBeer raises $3M from CocaCola, partners with Ventive to accelerate development of self-serve drink dispensing technology.
September 28, 2020
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CocaCola Invests $3M in Ventive Client PourMyBeer

Ventive is thrilled to announce that partner PourMyBeer is making a tremendous splash in the beverage world with their self-serve, automated beverage dispensing technology. By working alongside Ventive to streamline their development process externally, PourMyBeer has been able to integrate nationwide with major point of sale (POS) systems.

PourMyBeer Expands Brand with VC Infusion

Recently, the company announced that they have raised $3M in venture capital from Coca-Cola European Partners to expand their technology by offering a comprehensive set of integrations with a multitude of point of sale systems.

The company’s technology enables customers to pour their own beverages which, in turn, will increase efficiencies within the hospitality, restaurant, and beverage industry. With over 7,000 taps in service across 270 locations worldwide, it is positioned to become a leader in the global beverage movement toward self-serve and self-pour sustainability solutions.

Furthermore, because of Ventive’s ability to make this technology more accessible with various POS systems, PourMyBeer (PMB) technology is likely to be seen in a restaurant near you in no time, and will be far easier to use and more eco-friendly than any preceding solutions. Without Ventive assisting with the development side of PMB throughout the last six months, it is likely that a venture this ambitious would have been next to impossible, and this is where the true power of streamlined development comes into play. Through this partnership, the solution to a very clear and frustrating ‘bottleneck’, so to speak, in the restaurant and hospitality industry has been resolved once and for all.

That being said, it’s no wonder why Coca-Cola, the biggest name in the global beverage industry, took interest in this technology and the potential that the aligning of these two companies possess.

“There’s a clear desire from the public to have a better experience when it comes to things as simple as getting a drink,” says Jonathan Cardella, CEO of Ventive, PMB’s exclusive design and development partner. “PourMyBeer knows it, and Coca-Cola agrees.

“It’s an incredible feeling to have the world’s largest beverage manufacturer and distributor recognize that this technology is a quantum leap forward toward a more fluid consumer experience and sustainable means of getting people’s favorite drinks into their hands.”

Ventive Develops Custom Integration Software

PourMyBeer chose Ventive as its technology development partner in March of 2020, replacing its existing internal staff. Ventive immediately took control of the PourMyBeer technology stack, spearheading numerous site installations for the rapidly growing company, while accelerating the forward development of the technology roadmap.

“Rapidly integrating with the major point of sale systems is a top strategic initiative for PourMyBeer, given the fragmented nature of the POS market. Opening, debiting, and closing customer tabs within the POS for PourMyBeer transactions removes a major friction point for restaurants, bars, convenience stores, and other hospitality focused companies by removing the need for manual staff intervention”, says Cardella.

“PourMyBeer has been able to leverage our best-in-class software engineering team, as well as our user experience and deep strategic chops. This, along with the newly raised capital from Coca-Cola, will further enhance and accelerate PourMyBeer’s lead in this space."

According to The Commercial Beverage Dispenser Market Global Outlook, “The commercial beverage dispenser market by revenue is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 5% during the period 2019-2025. In the busy and active world, self-service machines are highly preferred by consumers to save time and ensure better and consistent services. Dispensers turn out to be profitable and energy-efficient appliances that could ease or reduce labor and prevent additional expenses.”

“We’re excited about creating systems that enable greater sustainability through reducing the carbon footprint that we leave behind”, says Cardella. “Through technology, and a bit of ingenuity and collaboration with aligned interests, the possibilities are endless.”

In fact, while the overall impact that this transition to automatic beverage dispensing worldwide will have on our environment is yet to be fully mapped out, it is clear that this is truly the future of the hospitality and beverage industry and will not only reduce costs, labor, and time spent waiting for manual assistance, but will also reduce the carbon footprint of these major beverage companies and hospitality chains.

We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to partner with the game changers and disruptors of the world. These visionaries require strong designers and engineers, and, for us, we love being able to build technology that makes the world a better place.

In the end, just as Ventive’s development assistance has allowed for PourMyBeer to standardize their development globally and raise venture capital in doing so, this innovative technology is sure to modernize an otherwise archaic process in the hospitality world allowing restaurants, cafes, offices, stadiums and other venues to serve consumers quicker, and reduce operating costs, touch points, and use of packaging.

For Ventive, this relationship acts as a strong affirmation in our mission statement...

Empower to Innovate. Innovate to Empower.

By empowering our clients and partners to rethink, redesign, and develop novel solutions to growing pain points, their ideas manifest into technologies that, in turn, globally empower people to become more sustainable consumers that are now able to enjoy new, exciting purchasing (and drinking) experiences.

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