REMIX | Idaho Lottery

A Ventive Remix is a chance for our design team to give their spin on a popular app and flex their design muscles as if it was a project of their own. They provide some of their inspiration for how they’d rework the customer flow, designs, or tech for a lottery app.
April 15, 2022
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REMIX | Idaho Lottery

Rethinking the State Lottery App

In this Remix, the design team works on an Idaho institution: the Idaho State Lottery. As a Boise mobile app development company, our team was excited to give our take on an app that’s been a part of the Idaho way of life since 1989. It’s time for a Ventive Remix. (:cue the music:)

Buying lotto tickets in the gas station is a thing of the past for a younger generation that swipes their card at the pump and never sets foot inside.

Scratch off tickets? With a quarter? No way.

Our Remix team wanted to freshen up the old app's design and improve the overall user experience. In addition to smoothing out the user flow, they aimed to provide better data analytics so that the state lottery could improve its digital marketing efforts.

phone screen showing the lottery app with fun games

Redesigning for Demographics

Successful iOS and Android apps like Candy Crush and Fruit Ninja have a few things in common: a fun, easy user experience with beautiful designs.

We wanted to tailor the new Idaho Lottery app to capture the 18-24 and 25-34 age demographics. They’re accustomed to a newer, more modern digital experience, so we wanted to gamify the app to capture their attention. In our design mock-ups, we added vibrant colors, gradients, 3D graphics, custom user avatars (memojis), animations, and other elements to deliver an improved gaming experience.

We’d want the app to look like an app, not a website. We kept our conceptual design simple and fun, but by no means basic or juvenile.

We would modernize the application by staying current with the expectations of recently accessible (18+) audiences and allowing for the acquisition of new users who have legal permission to participate in the Idaho State Lottery.

phone screen showing map location of winning lottery store

Built-in Business Analytics

Retailers are the core of the lottery ticket ecosystem. The design we’ve showcased here creates immediate and seamless access to the retailer map. Lottery players would be able to find tickets whether they’re in the Treasure Valley or Sun Valley.

In our designs, we also included geolocation. This feature is dual-purpose. While the distribution of winning lottery tickets is random, geolocation would be able to tell users which locations are “Hot” or “Cold”. We would utilize the retailer payout data to inform where winning tickets are being sold. Retailers that are rated “Hot” could see a jump in business.

With a visible cue at their fingertips telling them where winning tickets are being sold, lottery players would feel like they’re in a real-life treasure hunt.

Businesses that embrace digital transformations can leverage data analytics to improve products, marketing, and plan for the future. Digital transformations could look like creating a new website, developing mobile applications, or abandoning paper processes. Our designers seized this remix opportunity to show off what it might look like to use data to transform an entire business.

In the state lottery’s case, geolocation would provide a new source of business analytics, in addition to driving traffic to local businesses and retailers.

So let’s take a look at how app data could be applied to marketing decisions to increase market share.

screen for lottery app, capturing data

Data-based Marketing Decisions

Combining geolocation and demographic data is the best way to empower and inform marketing decisions from both a digital and physical marketing perspective.

What if customers received a chicken sandwich ad on their mobile device just as they passed by a chicken sandwich shop?

This time- and location-bound marketing tactic reduces marketing spend and increases customer traffic. And it’s only possible with the magic combination of geolocation and demographic data.

The design team wanted to highlight that the app development process can't be only focused on design; it has to have that effortless combination of design+development.

That’s why they built data into the designs that they mocked up.

Redesigning Digital Products

The Ventive Remix is a chance for our UX design team to show off their design thinking skills. If we were handing this app off to our mobile developers, we’d get to showcase our development team too. We know that no matter how beautiful the wireframes and mock-ups are, if the app fails to load lightning fast or doesn’t work properly, users will leave—and they certainly won’t tell their friends!

Merging design and development is our passion. Building sticky apps that users open again and again starts with great designs and ends with stellar development. This fun Remix took less than 20 hours for our design team. From discovery, to concept, to design. Imagine what our team could build for you with a budget and nothing but an open road ahead. Let’s design something beautiful together.

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