Ventive Remix

Creating new twists on old designs is one of the ways our UX team gets to stretch its design chops. Like hearing an old song in an awesome new way, we remix designs.
October 1, 2020
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Ventive Remix

Time for a Change of Tune

In 1975, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of infamous rock-n-roll band, Aerosmith, released Toys in the Attic, their most critically acclaimed album yet. Both “Sweet Emotion” and “Walk This Way” briefly made their way onto the Top 100 Billboards but, with pressure rising for the band to release more and more content, it took a toll on Perry, Tyler, and the rest of the band. By the mid-80’s, Aerosmith was nothing more than a group of has-beens with no real future it seemed—that was, until one simple remix changed everything.

While looking for a great beat to accompany their album Raising Hell’s hit song, highly popular rap group Run-DMC stumbled upon Aerosmith’s album and brought the band out of the shadows and into the limelight once more to work together on a unique and incredibly catchy new remix of “Walk This Way”. Not only was the remix well-received but it skyrocketed Aerosmith back into stardom and helped pave the way for their successful futures as ‘rock legends'.

It is with this concept in mind that the Ventive Remix team was born. 2020 has become the year of the Ventive Marketing rebirth and, with this rebirth, we sought to emblazon ourselves with the vibrancy of a phoenix and let our creativity soar.

As a software design and development agency, our main focus is our clients and their success. As a team full of ambitious and talented trendsetters on the other hand, our main focus is to explore our creative freedoms outside the boundaries of everyday agency life to broaden our horizons from within. By taking the brands and concepts we already love and respect and using our design and marketing experience to build upon these foundations, we are quite literally remixing our world and changing its tune for the better.

Let’s Remix!

The Ventive Remix Team explores the digital landscape to remix designs we find in the ‘wild.’ To achieve this, we’ve flipped the typical design challenge on its head by focusing on Remixing products and brands we use regularly. Combining our personal experience as a user with our expertise in research and design creates the perfect blend of knowledge and passion for revolutionary redesign concepts.

Ventive Remix has become the face of Ventive’s online interactions with the social and digital world. We are using our platform as design experts to share, connect, educate, and inspire the creative community around us. Through this endeavor, we hope to not only grow as a team and company, but help others to do the same. We believe every brand and concept deserves its moment in the spotlight and we’re ready to ‘walk this way’ and help them reach their full potential.

Keep up to date with our Remix team’s illustrious journey on our blog, Instagram, Facebook, Dribbble, and LinkedIn today!

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