Why Your Company Needs an All-In-One App

Are you tired of switching from one app to another at work just to access the right information? Have you ever been confused by the rising number of tools claiming to streamline your operations? You are not alone.
October 4, 2021
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Why Your Company Needs an All-In-One App

According to a survey, over 43% of employees are frustrated by the information and app overload in the workplace. Ironically, having too many disparate apps tends to cause decreased productivity and information silos, even though most enterprise apps are designed to make employees’ lives easier. An all-in-one app can mitigate app overload and connect disjointed information into one interface. Here we will cover five reasons why your company needs an all-in-one app to boost productivity.

What Is an All-In-One App?

First, what is an all-in-one app? An all-in-one app allows users to access various functionalities within one unified interface that were previously performed by separate apps. In this sense, an all-in-one app creates a seamless cross-app experience that aims to save users the time and energy required to switch between various applications.

An example of an all-in-one app in the enterprise app market is Broadsoft’s UC-One Communicator. Prior to UC-One,  employees spent hours finding, sharing, and saving critical information collected during business calls, messaging, and meetings. By eliminating the information silos between internal and external stakeholders for each project, UC-One has significantly improved cross-functional collaboration and saved employees’ time.

How Do All-In-One Apps Work?

All-in-one apps can be developed using open-loop networking to access existing apps. Open-loop and closed-loop are concepts primarily used in the financial sector. Open-loop networking is a payment system that allows users to conduct transactions with multiple businesses, such as different credit card providers. In contrast, closed-loop networking limits the trade to one company, such as a Starbucks gift card. The same concept applies to the all-in-one app development process that brings numerous enterprise applications together.

Five Reasons You Need an All-In-One App for Your Business

5 reasons to build an all-in-one app

1. More employees feel the need for simpler solutions during uncertain times.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have made the abrupt shift to telework, which has increased the number of applications employees must use to engage remotely. Unfortunately, this trend has led to even greater confusion as employees try to keep up with the different functionalities and information stored in dozens of nonintegrated apps. A new study from Citrix Systems, Inc. revealed that employees feel they’ve been given too many tools and not enough guidance on how to execute. More specifically, 64% of workers use more communication and collaboration tools than before the pandemic, and 71% say those tools have made work more complex.

2. Clear up space on your devices.

The average business worker uses 9.4 different applications for daily tasks. Whether using an application on your smartphone, the web, or locally, running numerous programs simultaneously can slow down devices. A sluggish computer is the last thing employees want, especially when they are already busy switching between apps to get, save, or share information. Depending on the severity of the issues, a worker may end up calling in-house or external tech support just to access needed applications. Technical issues lead to lower productivity from your employees.

3. Fewer things to worry about during onboarding.

Research has shown that proper onboarding processes can decrease the time required for new hires to contribute substantial benefits to the organization by up to 50%. In other words, the newly-hired professionals can contribute to organizational success quicker if your organization provides efficient onboarding procedures. However, this is harder to accomplish when dozens of applications need to go through for the new hire.

For example, when preparing for IT onboarding, a hiring manager needs to ensure that the newly-hired employees have access to all of the hardware and software the organization uses. This entails installing, creating, and authorizing accounts for the various technologies and documenting security-related procedures for each application. Developing an all-in-one app tailored to your company would reduce these burdens during the onboarding process.

4. Reduce the administrative burdens of managing various applications.

Whether it is Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, Zoom, QuickBooks, Jira, or any other job-specific software, an organization needs someone to manage its subscription, user permissions, backlog, cybersecurity, and many other responsibilities. In some cases, a company might need to invite external experts for planning, implementing, and managing complex software. Developing a unique all-in-one app can reduce the administrative burdens of managing various applications.

5. Effect the bottom line.

New research from RingCentral shows that employees toggle between apps ten times an hour, equating to as many as 32 days of lost productivity. Developing an all-in-one app for your company could reduce the time wasted switching between applications, which ultimately increases productivity and positively impacts your bottom line.


If the ever-rising number of disparate apps is reducing rather than enhancing your employees’ productivity, the solution may be an all-in-one app. They can eliminate the time wasted going back and forth between various applications and reduce the amount of siloed information. An all-in-one-app development agency can create an invaluable technology asset that boosts the productivity of your entire organization.

Ventive has worked with a wide array of clients from the healthcare, real estate, and transportation industries to unlock the technical challenges of scaling and integration. Book a demo to learn more. Our experts can help you boost your organization’s productivity with an all-in-one app tailored to your specific needs.

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