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Broadsoft needed a technology refresh. As users transitioned out of desktop devices into mobile, it had to improve its mobile experience. By combining numerous app services, they could offer a better communication platform for customers. 



Poor user experience was a common complaint—across the app, customer support, and product installation.


Find the root problems and solve them, with extensive UX research and tailored technology solutions.


Improved satisfaction, faster installation, reduced costs, and enhanced product offerings.

The Problem

Poor User Experience

Ventive and a Broadsoft product team worked intensely for months to define a new business collaboration platform that would bring a business user's apps - Gmail, Dropbox, LinkedIn, MS Office, etc - into one unified communication hub with phone, video conferencing, and messaging. In other words - a Skype/Slack killer with robust Platform as a Service security and tools. Our solution is a video, chat and file sharing experience that is simple and intuitive for a wide range of business users. The user interface provides a slew of tools to the power users without overwhelming new users, and as a result, the use of UC-One has grown across large corporations.


The Solution

Upgraded Customer Portal

Telling the Broadsoft story in a compelling and consistent way is a challenge by virtue of their many products and customer segments. We worked with Broadsoft to establish consistent brand messaging and a single design system for their entire website. We also developed site architecture and content strategy plan that enabled enterprise purchasers and decision makers to quickly find the information they needed to make a convert into customers.


Services Utilized

UX Research

Custom Search Tool

Website Redesign


The Results

New Products & Services

Broadsoft was facing a problem with installations. They rely on major telco carriers around the world to deploy their complex and ever-changing product ecosystem - but Broadsoft support was being overwhelmed with questions from these telco installers. Costs were skyrocketing, growth was hindered, and their customers were having a poor experience.

User research revealed that installers were using mobile devices in the field to access a desktop-only portal, and user manuals and patch documentation was locked in massive PDF documents, so Broadsoft support was getting tied up with answering technical calls.

Ventive redesigned the Broadsoft customer portal to be mobile-first and lightning fast. We also designed a new search tool with auto-suggested answers and deep search into technical documentation. This required us to convert thousands of pages of PDF specs into crawlable HTML.

Ventive also redesigned the Broadsoft support ticketing system to direct users to answers in the portal to better define their issue more specifically. These changes had an immediate, positive impact on the installer experience and on Broadsoft’s bottom line.


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