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Mark Cofano is a digital visionary, entrepreneur, and hands-on strategist. Mark started his career before there were mobile phones, computers, the internet, artificial intelligence, and robots. SInce then, he's designed, built, sold or supported each of these technologies, and many more.

Mark's work has helped global companies such as Microsoft, Maersk, UPS, Konica Minolta, Ingram Micro, Costco, the Olympics, and many others. As an advisor, advocate and engineer, he's helped best-of-breed clients in dozens industries to see great opportunities and hidden risks.

In 2018, Mark discovered what for many is an earthshaking phenomenon. The pace of digital and societal change had become exponential. He named this unstoppable force "HyperChange" and coined the phrase "100 years of change in your next 10!" (tm). He could see that HyperChange would only increase in effect, putting every business, person, and institution at risk. The solution was obvious...deliver education and informed advisory services designed to protect clients against the ill-effects of HyperChange.

Today, working side-by-side with Founders and Executive innovators, Mark co-creates technology and business solutions! Mark's work at Ventive allows him to work side-by-side with visionary and hard-charging clients who demand results. Clients that not only want to survive and thrive, but also make the world a better place!

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