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Technical Project Manager
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Nino is a software developer with a unique story, transitioning from logistics coordination to the dynamic realm of software engineering. His journey began at a startup, where he faced manual processes in configuring IoT devices. In response, he embarked on a coding odyssey, crafting a groundbreaking desktop application that greatly reduced the amount of time to configure devices. Following his success in the startup arena, Nino embarked on a transformative three-year stint at a Fortune 500 FinTech company. Here, he honed his craft in web application development and microservices architecture, leading a team through a monumental modernization effort.

Transitioning into the role of Technical Project Management at Ventive, Nino brings with him his technical powers to navigate the complexities of building solutions from the ground up. His dedication ensures that every project is executed with precision and purpose, setting the stage for innovation and collaboration in the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

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