At the Speed of Lyght

Combining Agile methodology with Kanban boards, Lyght makes team collaboration easier than ever. Now, no matter what time zone your team is located in, you can communicate and collaborate on projects. Ready, set, Lyght!
March 3, 2022
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At the Speed of Lyght

Since our Closed Beta Launch over a year ago, we’ve seen how Ventive clients use Lyght to manage their project resources and streamline their work processes, and we have to say, we love it! Our clients have been able to organize their projects, resources, and tasks to innovate their product management workflows. We’ve used their feedback along the way to improve Lyght.

We are proud to introduce another management tool that we call Lyght Sprints, which is based on an Agile methodology that we use on a daily basis at Ventive with our product development, marketing, and UX/UI teams.

What is Lyght Sprint?

When your team starts a new project, it’s easy for them to feel overwhelmed once they see the mountain of work they need to complete in order to deliver a final product to a client or customer. A team can burn themselves out trying to finish a project if they haven’t learned to pace themselves; that’s where the beauty of a sprint comes in.

In Agile methodology, a sprint is a time-bound period of work where team members tackle a task, or what we call a Story, in a manageable amount of time. In Lyght Sprint, we’ve combined the sprint method from Agile with the Kanban board to help team members visualize the stage of development tasks they are in, which helps them make decisions about taking on reasonable amounts of work. It also allows all team members to see project tasks all the way through the development stages to the launch date.

prototype of kanban board showing tasks

Lyght Sprints Make Work Flow

We knew that our clients would love the four predefined sections of the Kanban Board, with its To-Do, Doing, Done, and Testing boards. It gives our clients a chance to instantly see what state of completion the Sprint tasks are in. Moving through a project as quickly as possible won’t deliver quality products for your clients, and by combining Lyght Sprint with the Kanban Board we’ve given product owners and project managers a chance to nimbly react to problems, bugs, and changes in scope.

Why We Love Lyght Sprint

At Ventive, we use Lyght Sprint to manage our work, so we’ve seen firsthand how flexible it is and the variety of uses, be it building apps, creating marketing campaigns, designing websites, or developing products for our clients.

Because we use Lyght Sprint in our day-to-day work, we’ve been able to finetune it to meet the demands of our growing company. And because our clients are from a variety of industries, we’ve also been able to see how Lyght, and Lyght Sprint specifically, can be adapted to meet different industry needs.

See how Lyght Sprint will increase your company’s efficiency and productivity by scheduling a demo with Ventive here:

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The Lyght Up Ahead

Ventive loves engineering solutions that give companies the tools they need to create their own success. Innovation is at the core of what we do, and we truly believe in our mission:

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