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Web3 is your industry's future. Build unprecedented trust, security, transparency, and instant traceability with Blockchain technology.

What is Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 is an idea for a new iteration of the world wide web, which incorporates concepts such as cryptocurrency, decentralized finance (DeFi), and NFTs. All of these are different ways blockchain technology is used to solve companies’ most significant challenges around trust and security.

In this next iteration of the internet, creators will control more of their data as dominant tech companies lose their hold on the flow of information. The result—more privacy, more control, and more money for individual contributors.

Web3 By The Numbers

of non-crypto owners don’t know what “Web3” is
Web3.0 Blockchain market’s forecasted growth rate
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Web 3.0 Blockchain Market’s anticipated value by 2028
of all active Web 3 developers joined in 2021
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Built on blockchain technology, Web3 is transparent and secure.

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Blockchain technology links pieces of data and then publishes that to a public ledger that lists events chronologically. Data can’t be modified without affecting subsequent transactions. As a result, transactions are easily viewed, and any alterations are quick to verify.

Across various industries, companies and users can strategically build blockchain applications to solve challenges. Industries that thrive on openness can offer customers additional security when they build blockchain applications.

Blockchain development is revolutionizing applications and websites.

But it’s not right for every project.

At Ventive, we only develop on the blockchain when it makes sense.

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Do you need decentralization to protect your data?

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Reduce a single point of failure by relying on hundreds of servers.

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Will greater security add value to your product?

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Provide peace of mind for customers by protecting their data.

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Does an opensource framework make your project more vulnerable?

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Opensource frameworks have a time and a place, but not when you need additional security.

Real-World Uses for Blockchain Development

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Real estate, land, and auto title transfers
a blue circle with a black background music
Music and Publishing
Copyright and royalty protection
Loyalty programs and improved forecasting
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Digital IDs and secure voting
a pink square with a black background
Marketing and Data
Advertising insights and big data collection
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Payment processing and money transfer
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Data sharing and immutable data backup
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Supply chain tracking and smart contracts

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

NFTs are more than art.

NFTs are cryptographic tokens that represent both tangible and intangible assets on a blockchain. NFTs can bring transparency in buying, selling, and trading these assets by allowing only one owner at a time with unique identifying codes.

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Smart contracts remove the middleman.

NFTs have the potential to:

Prevent counterfeits
Verify ownership
Reduce fraud
Disrupt industries
Improve security
Speed up transactions

If you build an application with Ventive, we have the skill set to create NFTs within your application. Leverage Ventive’s all-encompassing Web3 developers to reduce pirating and fraud risks with NFTs.


As a virtual currency secured by cryptography, cryptocurrency avoids the risk of counterfeiting or double-spend. With 97% confidence in cryptocurrencies, more and more users are embracing decentralized money.  

Building from a foundation of the most trusted frameworks, Ventive gives life to new ideas or revamps existing solutions to build groundbreaking applications powered by cryptocurrency. But just to be clear, we don’ t develop cryptocurrencies. We develop solutions to use them.

a person holding a cell phone in their handscreenshot of mobile
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Custom Cryptocurrency App Development

No problem is too big or small for Ventive to take on. We’re able to build a custom crypto app just for you.

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White-label Crypto Payments Solution

Scale your business with white-label solutions with built-in crypto tech. An entire team ready to build.

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Crypto Wallet Creation

It's time to build cryptocurrency wallets with better UX. Your customers deserve better.

Finance (DeFi)

Peer-to-peer transactions

Within every transaction between two parties, there is at least one middleman —generally a bank. DeFi moves transactions onto public blockchains and cuts out that extra step. The blockchain moves money without fees, in a peer-to-peer (P2P) network that uses security protocols to protect the funds.   Think of it like PayPal, but the money exchanged moves directly from your wallet to your friend’s wallet.  Removing intermediaries saves time and money, and make it easier to move your money around.

The Future of DeFi

Innovation is tough. Get to market faster with a  DefFi application development company that gets it. We build your best app with the best team. Fully-managed, agile, efficient, and successful.

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