Ventive Investment Enables CrayPay to Build Breakthrough Crypto-as-Cash App

Partnering with near shore developers like Ventive helped payment processing company CrayPay level up. DashDirect opens up the Web3 world and a whole new realm of possibilities.
July 27, 2021
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Ventive Investment Enables CrayPay to Build Breakthrough Crypto-as-Cash App

Ventive has developed DashDirect, the easiest way to spend Dash cryptocurrency, in partnership with CrayPay. The launch on iOS and Android was announced today by Newsweek and gives crypto holders 155,000+ more places to spend their Dash digital cash.

CrayPay Launches DashDirect

The evolving digital currency landscape is urging innovators to create new ways to allow cryptocurrency users to spend their digital money. Partnering with Ventive in late 2020 to spearhead their app development and launch lifecycle, CrayPay brings the vision of DashDirect to life. Less than a year later and the breakthrough app is live on iOS and Android, giving its users the ability to spend (and save) their Dash currency at 155,000+ new locations and online merchants - a network 7x larger than Bitcoin’s!

“Ventive was able to bring my vision into reality with simple, intuitive designs, and robust, responsive software. Their plug n' play dev and design team scaled up to tackle the challenges of this project, while CrayPay was able to focus on the business and economic requirements of the solution, while still maintaining control over the process and outcomes.” —Marshall Greenland, CEO, Cray Pay, Inc.

Spend and Save with Ease

Finally, instant fee-less spending (and saving!) of your Dash at major retailers and restaurants. Non-custodial. No waiting. No transfers. No exchanges. The new DashDirect app gives users the choice of when and where to spend their crypto assets, simultaneously saving them money via discounts or rebates only available to DashDirect users.

“Amid the constant doubt of cryptocurrency, it’s clear we are at a tipping point. We need to democratize finance and level the playing field. DashDirect makes spending Dash easier than spending cash. Forget transaction fees, turns out it pays to spend using the DashDirect app, because you actually get cash back from each transaction. Score one for usability and utility.” —Jonathan Cardella, CEO, Ventive

Just four simple steps to start spending your crypto like currency:

“DashDirect is completely transformative for cryptocurrency. Existing solutions for crypto-based purchases are slow, require significant manual work, lack coverage or are otherwise flawed. DashDirect is a game-changer, users will be able to instantly and easily pay with their crypto at a discount, with no overhead from the merchant.” —Ash Francis, CEO,

Break into the new age of crypto. Download DashDirect now on iOS or Android.

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