Medical Supply Shake-Up

Manual processes slowed down this medical supply company. Patients feel any slowdown in the supply chain. But there are too many steps between them and a warehouse. They had to have a way to easily order supplies without filling out dozens of forms a year.



Paperwork limits the volume of orders that are able to be processed, leaving patients waiting in line for theirs to go through.


Transform paperwork into simple and easy-to-access digital forms and connecting directly with supply providers for instant submissions.


With increased capacity, added efficiencies, and the removal of human error, the business scaled 10x in weeks after launch.

The Problem

Time-Consuming Paperwork

The Durable Medical Supply industry is a crucial, life-saving one. Patients with chronic or terminal illnesses who need regular DME supplies deal with delivery delays, incomplete tracking information, unhelpful customer service representatives, and more — sometimes on a daily basis. Persistent supply issues can impact a patient’s health if they can’t access their supplies on time. With competition on the rise as companies merge to become bigger conglomerates, personalized customer service is disappearing.

During the coronavirus pandemic, medical supplies like oxygen tanks, masks, and ventilators became crucial to saving lives, and a shortage led to longer hospital stays and more fatalities. The pandemic made patients and medical professionals understand the tenuousness of the DME supply chain, and what can happen when the delivery of essential medical supplies is delayed.


The Solution

Automated Product Reordering

DME is typically a bureaucratic industry, making it hard to get in touch with providers while often waiting weeks for insurance approvals. If something arrives damaged or if the device has stopped working, the manufacturer may need to send out their own technicians, which again, takes more time. Since many of these devices are built specifically for the patient or otherwise not available in a regular store, patients have no choice but to wait.

There are three main problems that create a negative reputation for the DME industry:

  1. Delays in service or deliveries
  2. Poor customer service
  3. High costs

Services Utilized

UX Design

Custom-Built Portal

Custom Development


The Results

Convenient Order Process

Medical supply companies have inefficient workflows that push back the supply chain, creating dangerous situations for patients who rely on getting their crucial equipment in a timely manner. The demand for DME is rising, especially as the population ages, and we can only expect lasting effects that will continue putting pressure on the medical supply industry.

Pure Vita enlisted the help of Ventive to develop a custom portal that allows users to connect with medical suppliers all from one single simple-to-use web application. This not only takes the guesswork out of ordering and processing the orders, but it also provides a comprehensive dashboard where users can see vital information like tracking numbers, delivery dates, confirmation numbers, and more.

Waiting for your medical supplies to be delivered isn’t like waiting for those new shoes you ordered or your monthly wine subscription; for people who depend on certain devices or supplies every single day, having delays not only creates unnecessary anxiety but could also send them to the hospital.

Pure Vita has created a thoughtful business solution that will take on many of these pain points by:

  • Automating manual and repetitive tasks.
  • Becoming the central hub for all things DME.
  • Ensuring orders are accurate.
  • Keeping customers up-to-date on delivery information.

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