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Case Study: SaaS Product Launch

Ventive designed a mobile application and a responsive web app that deliver real-time financial data and business intelligence to dental practices. With Practice in Your Pocket, their medical practices operate more efficiently, provide better customer experience, and deliver greater profits.

Intelligent goal setting and tracking

Dentists want an easy way to keep their eye on sales, collections, and customer growth. But beyond simply tracking financials, dentists want to control their destiny.

We gave them tools to set accurate, attainable goals and work towards them. And we found the key here was "accurate and attainable". Everything from seasonality to vacations and sick days is accounted for, and goals are calculated by actual working days, so an office can adjust to everyday changes and really predict their revenue.

Better pricing and more profits

Pricing your procedures is a constant challenge. Our app provides dentists with price comparisons from competitors in their region, based on a national database. The simple procedure fee analysis compares your procedure prices a with those nearby, so you can see where you should increase or decrease prices to maximize profits. 

Better patient follow up

PIYP also helps practices improve their patient communications. It has intelligent reminders to help dentists and hygienists follow up on their patients, and it provides managers a way to track issues or provide input where needed.


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