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Jonathan Cardella founded multiple startups before picking up from San Francisco, moving his family to Boise, and launching Ventive in 2014. Like most technology entrepreneurs, Jon spent years hiring and managing product teams, and he knows all the critical mistakes that can bog down product development or derail its success.

After bootstrapping Ski West from an idea to $50M in revenue and a successful exit to, Jon saw an overwhelming need for nimble, experienced product teams who could rapidly scale with a company's growing needs.

Ventive uses design thinking to solve business problems.

We excel at applying the right technologies to improve business processes and customer experiences. You'll work hand-in-hand with our product teams, avoiding the problems of recruiting, hiring and managing technical talent. We manage all the design, development, and technical challenges behind building and launching a successful product, and our deep bench of technologists, engineers, designers, and project managers ensure that your product provides an optimal user experience.


We're always looking for talent. 

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